dispute about home construction


dispute about home construction

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Help: Any advices or legal rep. in this case are welcome

I live in a strata lot (28 townhouses and 44 apartments). Two years ago, We (townhouse owners) were forced to agree a deal with our councils ( six from apartment, one from townhouse). The deal was townhouse owners must agree on building construction, then we can get funding from HPO.
We have no choice but vote “yes”. Two months later, HPO announced that there is not more funding program to all BC residents. The truth is: our strata council and management company already knew that we were declined to get funds from HPO early four months ago.

Now we tried to talk with Management Company or councils about postpone building construction, because it is hard time and it is difficult to get fund from bank. However, Management Company and councils said there is no way to talk about, because we already took vote and pass it. Councils also informed townhouse owner that they will take legal action if we do not pay money in lump sum ($75,000/unit) before apartment’s building construction commence.

My question: 1. Can councils shut down all communication channels with townhouse owners?
2. As a hard time, can we postpone building construction (not commence yet) until we get
3. Management Company and councils do not want to give us a copy of building
construction agreement. Is it legal?
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