Anything apply for return back to canada

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Anything apply for return back to canada

文章 agnes1668 » 週二 3月 17, 2009 8:13 am

My name is Agnes and I would like to tell you about my situation .First of all, From January 24 2006 to Sept. 23, 2008, I studied at the Edmonton Public High in Edmonton, Alberta and i used to be immigration in Canada with my family members as well but they were leaving so I lived by myself in Edmonton. During that time my family and me got an appeal from the Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada and I received a letter from the Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada final decision on 25th August 2008. They got me a departure order so I left and back to Hong Kong within 30 days they required.
Then, I applied for my student Visa from Canada Consulate in Hong Kong on 16th October 2008.I have been waiting for 5 months and I did following up for my case to them on Email and Finally I received a letter from Canada Consulate yesterday and they said “ Your application for a study permit is consequently refused.” It’s because a departure order was issued on 25th August,2008.This departure order became a Deportation 30 days after the departure order was issued when you failed to comply with the requirements in paragraphs 240(1)(a)to(c) of the Immigration and Refugee Protection Regulations. Under Section 52 of the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act, You are not allowed to return back to Canada without permission from an immigration officer. Permission to return to Canada under section 52 has been denied by an authorized officer.
It’s because I didn’t report to the Canada Border Service Agency for my departure of order in Edmonton international Airport before I left in 23rd September 2008 and they said It will change to inadmissible or deportation order but I didn’t notice that i had to go their and confirmed my order to this department. I got Manifest from Cathay Pacific Airlines ,air Canada and boarding passes can approve I left.

can anyone tell me what can i do for this situation and any application should i need to fill in or apply then i can back to Canada again? What can i do?

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文章 Montreallove » 週四 3月 19, 2009 7:44 am

Omg they actly kick u out of Canada? Holy shit~
Honesly i dont think u ever have a chance to go back ~
I heard if they kick u out~ It means u are banned from the country~

I got a Friend from russian ~ He got kick out from Canada~ But he came back a year later~
He told me it was easy~ He changed his name and he reapply Again for the International Student Visa~
He Actly got back in Canada now~lolll

Maybe that is a opption huh?

Good luck to u ~